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Pick up Ajalon's latest CD entitled "This Good Place". The band delivers its trademark sound of melodic progressive rock, with unparalled musicianship and appearances by special guest artists. Check out the reviews here!
Ajalon - This Good Place
Randy George    -    Dan Lile    -    Wil Henderson

About Ajalon

In the Spring of 1994, three Seattle area musicians - Randy George, Wil Henderson, and Dan Lile - started to write songs and put together the music that would become the offering of a new Christian progressive rock band called Ajalon. Aptly named because of its sublime connotation as explained in the Bible, Ajalon’s music is at once hard hitting and grand in its design.

Two years after their initial formation, rock keyboard legend Rick Wakeman, formerly of Yes fame, heard a tape of Ajalon. What he heard was a wide range of dynamic expression that ranges from the momentous rock symphony to the clement acoustic ballad. Knowing that this was something special, Rick signed Ajalon to his label Hope Records and thus released their first CD, "Light at the End of the Tunnel". This strong debut met with critical acclaim on both sides of the Atlantic, receiving airplay on over 70 radio stations in the UK alone. Their second CD, timely titled "On the Threshold of Eternity", offered a different view of the group’s music while maintaining the trademark sound that was firmly established with the first record. With the release of their third CD, "This Good Place", Ajalon continues to push musical boundaries with epic song writing, gifted musicianship, and special appearances by guest artists.

Ajalon’s music has touched hearts in over ten different countries around the world. From the past to present days of their creative journey, Ajalon’s music continues to build upon the progressive sound that was established when these talented musicians first played together. The songs at once feature the grand scale composition merged with the delicate heart cry of the acoustic folk ballad, making Ajalon masters of dynamic musical expression.

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